Wedding Recption DJ

How much experience does Dorian have?

  • Dorian has provided DJ services for thousands of weddings since 1974.

Can he provide references?

  • Yes, references are available upon request.

What types of events does Dorian book?

  • In addition to weddings, Dorian books many other types of events, including corporate events and private parties. The best way to find out how Dorian can bring a musical journey to your event is to contact him.

What musical areas does Dorian cover?

  • Dorian finds inspiration in all genres of music. See the Music page for more information on Dorian’s music selection and DJ philosophy.

How extensive is Dorian’s music library?

  • Dorian’s music library is very extensive. See the Music page for more information on Dorian’s music library.

What kind of equipment does Dorian use?

  • Dorian uses cutting-edge equipment for every event and situation. He uses professional-quality Mackie speakers, providing everything from tweeter arrays to subwoofers for unparalleled fidelity and range. His speaker set-up can be configured to the specifics of your event and acoustics of your location. His lighting equipment is provided by Martin, a leader in professional stage lighting. Dorian uses Traktor Digital DJ Software, developed over the past twenty years in Europe’s hottest nightclubs, to weave together an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Can Dorian provide music in multiple locations?

  • Yes, Dorian’s equipment can be set up to provide music in multiple locations. He can also provide PA equipment and microphones for speeches and toasts. If you have specific questions regarding your event, please contact Dorian for more information.

Does Dorian carry liability insurance?

  • Yes, Dorian is fully insured.

Who will be the disc jockey at my event?

  • Dorian Deaver himself!

Can we meet Dorian in advance?

  • Certainly! Contact Dorian to arrange a meeting.

What is Dorian’s backup policy?

  • In 40 years of DJing, Dorian has needed a replacement only once. However, if necessary, Dorian is part of a professional DJ network and can have one of many great disc jockeys take his place. Dorian also has backup equipment available at all times should a technical failure occur.

How does Dorian determine his pricing?

  • Dorian’s base rate is $200/hour. Please see the Rates page for more information.

What is included in the booking packet?

  • The booking packet includes two copies of a “when, where, what time” agreement, as well as an information page for you to fill out. The information page asks for the names of the wedding party and provides a checklist of different activities, such as cutting of the cake, bridal party dance, dollar dance, etc. The information page also asks that you indicate some of your favorite artists and songs.

How far in advance can I book Dorian Deaver’s DJ Service?

  • Provided the date is available, you may book as far in advance as you like.

Can Dorian hold my date for me?

  • Sure! Contact Dorian for more details.

What is Dorian’s overtime policy?

  • Dorian’s rate is $200/hour. Any time beyond the original duration agreed upon will be billed at that rate.